Student Training

The objective of PurAzm training program is to enable the technical skills of media students in the field of video production on the subject of crisis communication that further successfully overcome technical challenges and deliver safe, innovative, practicable, and cost-effective projects for career growth in their respective organizations they will work for.

This training provides students with opportunities for technical growth at every stage of their development. All students avail the discipline specific training material during the training and PPC also support PurAzm alumni for the developing media products on crises communication which further will broadcast on all channels of PTV on behalf of Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

Faculty Training

Thirty-One (31) faculty members were trained on conflict reporting course which is a comprehensive format exclusively developed for this faculty training extensively describes various dimensions of conflict reporting and communication mechanism adopted by the Media in Pakistan. The following key messages were covered majorly in the workshop:

  • Relation of religious, social and public perceptions and narratives with terrorism & extremism in Pakistan.
  • Conflict reporting in Pakistan addressing communications theories, psychological impact, language & semantics, framing and coverage, subjectivity vs. objectivity, laws and regulations, gatekeeping issues, challenges for journalists and fake news.
  • Research paper outline development on four themes of conflict reporting comprising role of the state institutions, evolution of terrorist threat, interfaith, intra-faith & anti-minority violence and influence of social media.

Journalist Training

The objective of this training is to develop a holistic view of conflicts and violence in the society and to educate the journalists on means and methods to reflect through various mediums of communication including formal media, which will help them in coverage of incidents which would lead to de-escalate the conflict situation.

Also journalists were taught for the development of follow-up stories which will shift their focus from incidents to issues.

Since inception more than Seventy (70) Journalists from all over Pakistan were trained on conflict reporting techniques and strategies.