5th National Purazm Awards (2021)

Creative Media Competition Themes

Communication (Covid-19)

  • Covid-19 Pandemic: Awareness & Prevention
  • Rejecting Fake News (Info-demic), myths and mis/disinformation; disadvantages and consequences.
  • Resilience and efforts of individuals and organizations to support government effort in fighting against Covid.

Peace and Tolerant Society

  • Peace and harmony are the only way forward for Pakistan.
  • Promoting safe Giving charity practices
  • Role of families, society and teachers for peaceful society

& Interfaith Harmony

  • Celebrating Pakistan's religious, ethnic & sectarian diversity.
  • Harmony between people of different faiths, ethnicity & sects.
  • The role of religious leaders from various faiths in promoting peace and renouncing violence.

of Pakistani Nation

  • Profiles of those who remained resilient and hopeful despite being affected by any crises.
  • Highlighting the efforts of unsung heroes in national crises
  • Collective and organized efforts of public and private organizations to resolve any national crises

Digital Media
and Information Disorder

  • Identifying and rejecting mis/disinformation
  • Rejecting hate speech in our society.
  • Information Verification
  • Digital Literacy and its benefits