March 15, 2019

Picture Story

Description for your animation: Stop Supporting Extremism and educate your children!Select Theme: Stop Supporting Extremism
March 15, 2019

Peace Over Violence

Description for your animation: Peace Over Violence The artwork clearly reflects the concept that what I want to deliver.Select Theme: Peace Over Violence
March 13, 2019

How Lakki Marwat’s hero vet fought terrorists: by going back to work

Description for your Short Film: A cow that has not been able to go to the toilet stands in sheer terror in the cattle crush, a […]
March 13, 2019

A Swat school where war orphans unlearn hatred

Description for your Video News: They say war destroys generations. In Swat, the uncomfortable truth is that it created a generation of children who became orphans […]
March 13, 2019

In KP’s kindergarten madrassa, a mosque makes space for the next generation

Description for your Video News: Just before the midday Zuhr prayers, tiny figures in sky blue uniforms skitter out of the mosque. They jump and hop […]
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