March 15, 2019


Select Theme: Peace Over Violence1st Photo: 53636713_2285369165034696_7317770011978760192_n 2nd Photo: 53801504_2564096840329676_6398973900595658752_n 3rd Photo: 54258255_823437934690439_677666305104412672_n 4th Photo: 53913806_1362833683857143_7063392014003339264_n 5th Photo: 53658721_428642004557480_7424246602048471040_n Description for 5th Photo: Peace 🙂 
March 15, 2019

دہشت گردی کیخلاف خالی ہاتھ جنگ لڑنے والے باہمت شخص کی کہانی

Description for your Short Film: یقینی طور پر سوات میں بہت سی قربانیوں کے بعد آمن بحال ہوئی ہیں ، اور یہ بات بھی ظاہر ہے […]
March 15, 2019

Pain Of Ocean

Description for your Short Film: This film is based on the thoughts of a child and shows some memories of APS PishawarYour Short Film: Pain of […]
March 14, 2019


Description for your animation: This painting is true representation of current war and terror  situation in which our country is passing through. This situation has become […]
March 13, 2019

power to peaceful

Description for your animation: it  Show All over Pakistan and two man Stand wear four province Cultural Dress and in this poster Show Peacefull pakistan Select Theme: […]
March 13, 2019

Peace over Violence in context of APS

Description for your Short Film: Peace is important for our kids futureYour Short Film: 10832805_10205315053577354_496974553_n Select Theme: Peace Over Violence
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