5th National Purazm Awards (2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the PurAzm Awards?

PurAzm Awards Pakistan is the talent contest inviting participants to create and develop original, indigenous media content on the themes of PurAzm Pakistan.

Am I eligible to participate?

  • Everyone can participate in PurAzm Awards as an individual or in a group.
  • Amateurs, Journalists, Filmmakers, Photographers and Students of Media Studies, Film & Production, Fine Arts and Social Science are also welcomed to participate

Will the Student entry be compared with the Student category?

Student and Professional entry will be evaluated and awarded separately.

When is the entry deadline?

The entry deadline is 15th January 2021.

Why should we participate?

To show and register your resilience and productive effort against any man-made or natural crises in Pakistan


How do I participate?

You have to Sign Up/Register with your authentic details, and then you will see the uploading option. (Upload via Google Drive is also available for heavy files.)

Can I submit more than one entry?

Yes, you can enter for more than one awards’ categories

I'm unsure on which award to enter. Can I get guidance?

  • If you think you can produce a good documentary or short film then the VIDEO category is what you are looking for.
  • If you can graphically design posters on our themes then ARTWORK will be a match!
  • If you have good reporting skills and can produce packages for news or current affairs then NEWS PACKAGES is your destination
  • And if you have writing skills for our themes then TEXT STORIES’ category is your hit.

What's the best duration for the video entry?

3-5 Minutes for all Video Products

What equipment should be used for video production?

Smart Phones, DSLR Cameras, any other video recording device. And editing softwares as per the available device.

What if my video product is in regional language?

Please subtitle/ transcribe your video in English or Urdu

How does the judging process work?

A criterion of the selection is on the basis of following factors:

  • 80% Concept (Content Background, Story Structuring, relevancy to PurAzm Pakistan theme, Clarity of Presentation, Visuals & Aesthetic criteria, emotional quality)
  • 20% technical expertise (camera work, audio-visual quality)

To avoid any discrepancies, the results will remain anonymous and only be revealed at the awards ceremony.

Who are the Judges?

All of the judges are drawn from the media and arts industry comprising best artists, producers and journalists. All judges are selected for their specific experience and knowledge and are senior and influential representatives of the media and arts industry.

When and where does the ceremony take place?

The ceremony will take place in February 2021  in Islamabad, Pakistan.

When will the judging process begin?

The expert juries will start to review the entries after the entry deadline of 31st December 2020  and the process continues for a couple of weeks until the commencement of the ceremony.

If I have trouble submitting my entry, whom do I contact?

For technical support related to uploading documents/files and registration, please click https://purazm.gov.pk/contact-us/

What are the requisites to be submitted after winning the award?

  1. Signed and Attested Affidavit mentioning the originality and ownership of the submitted product
  2. Student Verification Letter from Head of Department (University, College, Institute, School) in case of Student Category Submission
  3. Complete Bank Details of a Submitter or of the guardian