Conflict Reporting Course

A three credit hours course on “Introduction to Conflict Reporting” is developed for mass communication students during the engagement with students and faculty of mainstream universities of Pakistan 2016-18. This initiative is the offshoot of PurAzm Pakistan campaign to move passive individuals to active communicators by encouraging their participation in producing counter-narrative through creative media content.

This course outline is developed with the consultative and synergized efforts of renowned journalists, editors, director news, researchers, academics, government and private stakeholders.

This course was needed to examine the role of language (choice of words, e.g.) and representation in demonizing one party to the conflict and glorifying the other, which can lead to conflict escalation and endanger the lives of media personnel. It also explores the issues of journalistic ethics and it examines the personal security of journalists in conflict zones.

Universities have started offering this course in their B.S. and MPhil degree levels. This course is reviving consideration of the role of media in local, regional and global conflicts, the multiplicity of causes and dynamics leading to manifest expression, escalation and de-escalation with a focus on responsible communication made by stakeholders to these conflicts.