5th National PurAzm Awards have been announced

PurAzm Awards 2021 are announced. It’s the national creative media competition inviting all the Pakistanis to contribute their efforts. Entries will be open on 27th October 2020. Deadline of Awards is 31st December 2020.

Mobile journalism session for media students

PurAzm Pakistan is conducting Mobile Journalism sessions with media students. The goal is to equip students with technical skills with limited resources so that they can produce creative media products in their professional careers, academic assignments and can participate in PurAzm Awards 2021

24 Universities Engaged for PurAzm Awards 2021

PurAzm Pakistan team is holding 24 sessions with twenty-four (24) media studies department of universities nationwide. The core objective of these sessions is to sensitize media students on PurAzm Pakistan themes.