PurAzm Pakistan

PurAzm Pakistan is a national campaign by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of Pakistan. The campaign pays tribute to the countless number of men and women who have not let any crisis dampen their spirits for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

PurAzm Pakistan Campaign fosters public resilience through the personalized stories of courage demonstrated by these individuals and organizations. These stories are not only limited to public or private sectors but also they represent all segments and sectors of society. The series of video profile stories produced under this campaign are meant to inspire resilience by highlighting the unrelenting efforts and challenges of Pakistanis against man made or natural crises.

This is to demonstrate that peaceful and prosperous Society is the only present and future of Pakistan. Since 2014, under this campaign more than forty (40) short films /testimonials featuring brave individuals of Pakistan have been showcased on public/private television channels, radio networks, social media and public forums.

PurAzm Pakistan initiatives divided into three phases:

  1. Youth engagement & PurAzm Awards
  2. Capacity building of University students of Media Studies Departments.
  3. Co-production of media products by MoIB involving trained students.


  • PurAzm Pakistan Campaign has received the Aagahi Award of Excellence (2015).
  • 3000 Media Students and Journalists directly engaged through nationwide outreach program
  • More than thousand products received for PurAzm Awards
  • 477 Media Studies Students attended advance level documentary production program
  • 60 Journalists attended documentary production training
  • PEMRA Code of Conduct Development (2015)
  • Conflict Reporting Course approved by HEC (2018) and is the part of National Curriculum at B.S & Mphil level
  • 31 Faculty members of the Media Studies Department from universities all over Pakistan participated in Faculty training.