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    Being resilient requires not much but just a sense of rationality that leads you to differentiate between right and wrong. Resiliency is there to harmonise the situation and lessen the intensity of extremist beliefs. Unfortunately this vital tool is missing in our society , we just cannot blame any authorities or establishment as this plague is inbuilt and it ought be eradicated. 

    Akhri Sajda is just a drop in the ocean of limitless efforts to bring in the wave of resiliency. The concept , the enactment , story line , the character all made up a perfect recipe to showcase the dire need of being resilient against violence . We want to convey the message of flexibility towards differing opinions. The core purpose of our short film is to enlighten the victims of violence and their struggle to end this nightmare.  It is high time to realise the importance of acceptance , the worth of every individual . Akhri Sajda is our medium to persuade the society to practice resiliency and build up an unshakeable core of calmness, strength and happiness.

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  • : Resilience Against Violence
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