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    Description of painting

    The painting as the observers look closely will illustrate a face. It’s a face of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. In the time of pharaoh’s rule extremism was at its peak and the people suffered economic and moral damages from each other’s stubbornness and Pharaohs pride. The rough black color symbolizes the remorseful outcomes due to extremist attitude and the white web chalk represents the ignorance and rightfully so; a blank perspective by the pharaoh in which there is nothing on the front and therefore, there is no vision to follow other than extremism; white web indicates a trap of pharaohs own mind by the utter arrogance. The white at the back seems to be less and is visible from behind indicating a route of some sort for the followers coming from behind and are suffering from mental slavery. The maze itself is linked with pharaoh’s structure which represents the problems which were self-created by such extremists. The eyes are round and looks hypnotized this symbolizes the state in which pharaoh and followers are in while making decisions which will go to extreme and everyone will suffer because it is nothing but an utmost chaos. The foot on the nose is not a bud but my take on the phrase “foot in one's mouth” by illustrating in a different way with basic demonstration that the person who is being followed blindly is not even clear about own path how can it lead people to good.


    Extremism uproars lack of upward mobility, believing in propaganda and growth of enmity even emanates from own people which direct towards blind perspective. Our behaviors and priorities drastically change as we evolve our consciousness to a higher level and experience the interconnectedness of all life. On one level, such sentiment owes to the power of conspiracy theories, is somewhat a growth industry for all nations. The poor struggle mightily to escape to prosperity. Sometimes disorienting reality provokes a range of responses. For some, it’s admiration. For others, it’s jealousy. For still others, it’s skepticism, suspicion, and outright hostility. Many nations, some of whom may have risen from poverty or someone who have not collectively are in no position to make the bigger leap to affluence and global prominence, the tendency to feel aggrieved and believing in conspiracies is still stronger due to idol influence. What is happening in Jammu Kashmir and Palestine and around the world today especially to Muslims is a clear picture of extremism based on ignorance.  

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