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    An account of a terror attack, which occurred inside the bus of Sardar Bahadur Khan women University in campus on 15 June 2016. The bomb was planted inside the bus and it exploded when the students were boarding in the bus for their homes. Bus filled with students was reduced to a melted heap. This terror attack was taken out by terrorist to spread terror and particularly target the female students. The premises of the university was shaken when the students going back to their homes after taking the examination.

    At least 14 students were killed and over 19 others injured in this terror attack. Meanwhile, the injured students were shifted in BMC, where another explosion was heard and took 77 more lives. This story is the testament of fighting back against terrorism. Sadaf Awaan one of the survivors, a BS student in BBA Studies in SBK women university,  fell a prey to this attack and got 40% burned, yet survived. Shortly after responding positively to her 3 years treatment. Sadaf again chose to take her M. Phil degree from the same university with more strength, courage and spirit. She also has recently taken her CSS exams. The testimonial aims to challenge the narrative of the enemy and terrorists by rising from the ashes and getting education despite the obstacles that are thrown our way.

    Note: Story video link will be sent in link form today as file size is much larger, Thank you

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