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    Swat; just a few years back depicted a whole different picture of terrorism, violence and extremism. People were slaughtered and their bodies were hanged in the middle of the markets and chowks. The presence of Taliban militants in Pakistan's Swat valley resulted in a rapid dwindle in civil rights or even humanity. Schools were destroyed, entertainment was banned and opponents of the regime beheaded, the rivers that were known for their beauty had blood in them flowing like water. Thousands of people fled and started to live in temporary camps in protected regions of the country. But as the operations against terrorist succeeded, swat now is again turned into flourishing tourist paradise. Life is becoming more normal and peaceful. This documentary distinguishes between the life of swat before and after the Taliban’s time. It also tells how people showed courage to speak against Taliban’ felt at the time of terrorism and how people have encountered change, how satisfied they are with their lives with a full imagery of beauty, cultural values, peace and prosperity.

    (Video will be sent via link today any time when its uploading will be done)

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