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    After some year's before when swat valley was the hub of terrorism's and badly effected the peace, female's education, government employees, singer's, social activest and manymorem, due to this period hundreds of police Constable left has Job's, but Hakeem khan was only one person's that's he will play against the role Tahreek Taliban Pakistan's.

    Hakeem Khan sacrifice her Life for Peace, and destroyed the biggest plains of Taliban pakistan's.

    This story i covered last 6 Sep 2018, no one can covered him, without me. 

  • 6 Sep package at Swat Valley Terrism by Shahzad Naveed
  • : Peace Over Violence
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Shahzad Naveed
Shahzad Naveed
Reporter, Political Analyst, Playwright and and Author from Former Terror head Swat
PurAzm Pakistan