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    Seeing the blame game and all the hate on social media, I was inspired to create design that would shed a positive light on both Pakistan and India and encourage the neighbours to move towards peace. It is our social responsibility as designers/artists to project our ideas through visuals that can create impact among society. So why don’t use the power of art to promote a solution to a problem?

    The concept revolves around a tea cup. Subvertising the grenade in a form of a tea cup can create positive image to both countries. By having a table talk over a tea can solve the unsolved. As already written in the poster “even both countries are from different teams but batting for same cause”. And that cause is terrorism.

    Visually the approach is minimal and clean so that even a layman can get the actual message and spread the positivity.

  • : Peace Over Violence
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Dua Syed
Dua Syed
A communication designer from Pakistan. I''m a technical optimist that has been cramming frames into banners since my school days. Telling tales through technology!
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