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    As a muslim we have belive on Allah and have our full faith on him. Pakistan is a muslim country were we all are living together happily we feel secured and safe due to our army we feel protective. Pakistan get so many threats, not from now days this screenplay is going from decads where non muslim countries tried so many times to knock down pakistan but failied because of Allah's blessing we have a sturdy army and spirit of our nation, when we all stand together united with our army as a powerful fist like a "PUR AZAM PAKISTAN". Army, Navy, Air force and all those commandos who sacrifies there comfort to provied us comfort plays the most important role for our country.
    Red background shows the danger we have out side there but on front army uniform shows that they are here for us we need to stay calm

  • : Peace Over Violence
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Zeenia Sattar
Zeenia Sattar
Graduated from punjab university college of art and design
PurAzm Pakistan