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    ( A tribute to a Resilient Nation)تم ناکام ہوتے ہو



    Pakistan is known as the land of resilient people. No matter what the circumstances are, they stood by each other and earned their way into the world. For the last decade, Pakistan has suffered due to security crises in the world and especially in South Asia. Global Media including Hollywood and Bollywood left no stone unturned to declare us as a failed state. “Tum Nakam Hotay ho” is the message to the world that Pakistan is not as exactly as it is shown on mainstream local or international media. Despite the critical situation, We are the one who join hands with our minorities (interfaith harmony), our children are ready to sacrifice their happiness for other’s necessities, our youngsters are keen to help elders and and we have the insight to build a stronger, safer and brighter Pakistan (resilience to violence and peace over violence)


    The story revolves around a ruthless Omni present character which represents the adversaries of Greenland. On the other hand, a young poetess who has insight into the issues of country and has the courage to go against the odds with the power of her words. Being proud of his powers and abilities, the antagonist is insolent enough to underestimate the potential of the nation. A series of events take place where he realises that, despite his utmost desire and efforts, he failed to achieve his targets. Later, he became disheartened by the display of brotherhood, sacrifice, valour and interfaith harmony of Pakistani nation and disappear. 

    Character Sketch:

    The Poetess: Protagonist of the movie is young female poetess whose elder brother lost his legs while guarding his mother land. She witnesses a series of events which made her belief stronger in her nation. Dressed up in white clothes and Green Dopata, as symbol of hope and harmony of the nation.

    The Man with the Black Hood:  An omnipresent character who is the enemy of the state with the aim to bring destruction and anarchy in Pakistani society. Always Dressed up in Black dress, he represents the dark forces. Upon witnessing the valour and unity of the nation, he gradually became weak and later accepted his defeat.

    Production Design:

    The idea was to communicate the message through the art of visual communication. Narrative film production technique is adopted. Message is conveyed through dark and light colour themes.  The target audience is Pakistani youth. Our aim to spread the message that there is no need to hopeless and such little act of kindness that we do in our daily lives can help us build a better Pakistan.

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