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    How often do we hear stories about the valor of brave men who fought in wars? And how often do we recall the memories of our great ancestors who died in saving their motherland; certainly too often but let me ask you a very simple question that has shackled millions of hearts in chaos? Have you ever heard about the bravery of a child dressed in school uniform with a bag full of books, sitting in a classroom with great expectations of the future embraced his life for the children of whole Nation? Here we’ve used the art of expression as a tool to portray the bravery and sacrifice of those children on 16th Dec 2014; who became immortal in the books of history. The video is self-explanatory, the message is vivid and unambiguous but we wanted to provide some details about the threat of expressions. Why we chose Mannequin Challenge? We all hear about different Mannequin challenges that are trending on social media; usually it is an aspect of fun but we presumed that this form of art can be used for a better reason to express the valor and sacrifice of those young children who embraced their lives in the war of the whole Nation and the brutality of those terrorists more explicitly. We want the world to value their sacrifice, the faith of the survivors in their Nation, the vigilance of those brave teachers and the act of redemption of militancy from the soil. We wanted to direct this tragic incident positively towards a strong forum in an innovative way. The sole reason of making this video was to highlight the grief and despair of that hour when the time was stopped, uniforms were soaked in blood gradually drying up and when the help was about to reach them. We have great respect for the martyrs of that unforgettable day and condolences with their families. We hereby request every citizen of this country to value the importance of this incident in the war against terrorism and share the respective video with your friends to support the cause.

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