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    Roshniyon k shehar is a tribute to bring light into the dark cities of the land of Pakistan which deserves not just rays of light but lights of hope and prosperity.
    This is a tribute to the roots of art that establishes the idea of sukhn in the subcontinent in the words of Sir Faiz Ahmed faiz, That preaches the revolution in innocence and compassion.
    indulged in a velvet and nostalgic voice of Sir Zia Mohiuddin.
    I felt the need for this video not only to tribute the legends Faiz and Zia but to picture the words, to ease the vision of viewers so that they can not only hear the poetry
    but also imagine and understand the vision behind it. To make our generation aware about our past, who we were and where we came from intellectually. 
    I feel great pleasure to display my piece of art, my contribution to the ocean of Faiz and Zia in a manner that I know best. I present to you my short travel video, 
    Roshniyon k shehar.

    Hope you'll enjoy it. 
    Submission Link:

    Video Credits: 
    Produced/Directed/Shot/Edited/Grading: Waleed Ahmed
    VO: Sir Zia Mohiuddin
    Drone Shots: Faisal Shah 
    Title Animation: Arsalan Ahmed
    Shot on: Canon 60D with lenses 18-135mm & 50mm

    Kind Regards
    Waleed Ahmed
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