Participants may choose any one of the following topics about our country’s sociopolitical environment:

Peace Over Violence

In this topic, we would like to explore ways in which only peace can make Pakistan prosper. Participants may talk about how non-violence is the weapon of the strong, and not of the weak.rtently, support these evils.

Interfaith Harmony

This topic revolves around the opportunity to creatively explore what is essential to not only resist forces of division, but also to eliminate misunderstanding and mistrust among Pakistanis of different religions.

Resilience Against Violence

In this topic, participants must share real life stories of people who remain resilient and hopeful regardless of being affected by religious extremism. Participants who choose this topic will have the opportunity to raise awareness about the determination of victims of extremism, to get back up despite all odds.

Stop Supporting Extremism

Hate speech against religious and ethnic groups has become one of the most threatening menaces currently faced by our nation. Furthermore, fake charities operating in the name of faith that support violent extremism have also largely increased in recent times. In an effort to raise awareness, this topic explores various ways in which Pakistanis, sometimes inadve