Photo Documentary

In this category, you may choose any one of the provided themes, and tell your story in the form of a Photomontage / Collage, or a series of five photos relevant to the chosen topic. The story must be based on a real-life account of an event or experience, and relevant to the chosen theme.


1st Prize 125,000
2nd Prize 75,000
Most Viral 50,000
Most Innovative Concept 50,000


  1.  Photo will be submitted in JPG format along with RAW files
  2. Maximum number of photos for one story will not be more than 5
  3. The project may be prepared by a group or an individual. However, awards and prizes will be presented in the names of the video(s).
  4. All the entries (photo documentary submissions) for ‘PurAzm Pakistan’ competition with complete requirements/documentations may be sent on or before [submission date].
  5. Copyrights of the all the pictures and stories will be shared with Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, who can manage broadcast/publish of these stories on Internet, TV or other media.
PurAzm Pakistan