Digital Creative Content

Digital Content includes text based or graphics based animation that has a duration of three minutes, or less. This category involves, at least, basic knowledge of animation softwares, and like every other category, a special talent for storytelling. Below is a list of all the types of animation you can choose from:

  • Vector based 2D animation
  • CGI / 3D animation
  • Motion-based Typography
  • Stop-motion (Claymation, Cut-outs)


  1. Content quality should be in High Definition (HD).
  2. Duration of any video should not be more than 90 seconds
  3. The entry may be prepared by a group or an individual. However, awards and prizes will be presented to the submitted entry.
  4. All the entries for ‘PurAzm Pakistan’ competition with complete requirements/documentations may be sent on or before the deadline
  5. Copyrights of the entry will be shared with Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, which can manage broadcast/publish of these products on any media platform.


1st Prize 150,000
2nd Prize 75,000
Most Viral 50,000
Most Innovative Concept 50,000

PurAzm Pakistan