PurAzm Pakistan

Purazm Pakistan is a media campaign launched by the Ministry of Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage. The campaign pays tribute to those brave individuals and institutions who have shown valour and courage againt the menace of terrorism and extremism. The campaign features first person audio-visual testimonials of these brave individuals.

The series is meant to highlight the unrelenting efforts of Pakistanis against terrorism to demonstrate that such violence has no place in the future of Pakistan.
The subjects of the campaign include ordinary civilians, police officers, polio workers, hospital doctors and public officials. Their collective message remains loud and clear: “Pakistanis reject the evils of voilent extremism, and remain resilient and hopeful despite its adverse effects.”

30 short films based on these testimonials have been aired on state and private television channels, radio networks and public places of interest since 2014.

The public response to the campaign has been overwhelmingly positive, with nearly 100,000 likes on its Facebook page. The campaign has also received the Aagahi Award for Excellence.

PurAzm Awards

Purazm Pakistan is not just the story of a few individuals. It is the story of a nation’ battle against extremism and violence. It is our duty to document this nation’s valour in the face of terrorism. To celebrate this spirit, we are reaching out to talented young filmmakers and upcoming journalists to develop their own stories and short films on the themes of the campaign.

We are reaching out to university students and young professionals to participate in creating original, indigenous audio-visual and text based content on the themes of Purazm Pakistan. The Purazm Awards are being organised to showcase the work of the next generation of storytellers.

The best of this work will be featured on PTV, and winners stand to receive cash prizes and a special fellowship at PTV Academy.

If you would like to participate and become part of the PurAzm Community, then please click the button below to fill out the Registration Form:

PurAzm Pakistan