Photo 1:
No Boundary!
This Picture has been taken in Shinkiari, a little village in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. According to this picture we all are stuck in the imaginary boundaries of our ego that never let us to be unite. We need to remember that there are no boundaries in the universe.

Photo 2:
Peace Over Violence!
Lets come closer and join hands to say no to domestic violence, stalking, child abuse and youth violence

Photo 3:
Power Of Positivism!
This white flower is like our mind, having so many layers like our thoughts and this hand is like a human body. It is up to us to not water (fill with positivism) this flower (mind) and let it die or we take care of it and help it bloom (survive)

Photo 4:
Success Story:
This picture just gives us an idea that spreading peace means spreading harmony, first in a community and then in the whole world. Lets say No to violence so that the world will write and spread this success story.

Photo 5:Unity is Strength!
This photo is the perfect example of showing that together we will grow. Unity is the first step of rising any awareness in the community.

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Hira Kazmi
Hira Kazmi
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