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    Say NO ti "EXTREMISM"!!!!


    so my poster that i just make for this competition in it says alot i have put 5 pictures of those womens whom are killed for the sake of honor.Firstly what is honor?is it you get by killing inocent people?

    i feel sorry but its true mostly family members parents are involed in honor killing especially daughters wives.....

    let me present somes cases of honor killing in front of you 

    Banaz Mahmood

    Two cousins who murdered a relative because her family disapproved of her boyfriend have been jailed for life.and her father and uncle were also involved in planning...Banaz Mahmod, 20, an Iraqi Kurd from Mitcham, south London, was strangled in January 2006 and her body buried in a suitcase in Handsworth, Birmingham in backyard of her family house.

    "To restore the so-called family honour, it was decided by her father and uncle that she should die and her memory be erased."

    Zeenat Bibi Rafiq

    Zeenat Rafiq, 18, of Lahore, eastern Pakistan, was burned alive by her own mother after defying her family and eloping to marry her boyfriend. Her mother and brother tied her to a cot, doused her in kerosene and set her alight.

    Her mother was sentenced to death for murdering her daughter. Brother got life in prison

    Samia Shahid

    Samia, a 28-year-old from Bradford, was allegedly killed by her x husband in presence of her father after rapping her for divorcing him and marring another man in Punjab’s Pindori villiage...

    soo these are very less cases but world id full of them it is extremism wo should stop them let us raise our voice even our religion says no one has right to kill someone so why we dont leave all matter on allah why we have to kill inocents.... stop supporting them who does that.Allah is mercifull he is watching you.

    Thank you so much 

    Hafsa Murtaza 




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Hafsa Murtaza
Hafsa Murtaza
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