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    Humanity knows no boundaries. It spreads across borders, seeps into the soils of nations and enters inside the hearts of people without knocking doors or asking for permission. But, unfortunately there exist a bunch of animals, too filthy to be labeled ‘humans’ because they lack hearts. They exist only to diminish love, to crush peace and to pollute air with hatred in such a way that people start feeling suffocated and die. Their ultimate goal is to unbalance the world and nurture the trees of terror in such a way that their roots strengthen around the globe. Such pathetic beings don’t come under the umbrella of any religion, country and ethnicity. The only black tag that defines them for once and for all is ‘terrorist’.

    This story is about one such incident which allowed two citizens from rival countries to share the strongest bond ever. India and Pakistan have always been known for their unfortunate history in the subcontinent which has resulted in nothing but weak ties over the past many years. The nations have hated each other for long after reading about their past in books and following media. Due to the advent of new media especially social media, distances have decreased and people from across the borders have gotten ways to interact and know more about each other.

    Sharmeen Malik, a Pakistani patriot and a loving Lahori had all the love one could contain inside for her country and especially her city. She was proud to be born in Pakistan and like many of her fellow citizens she held a strong disliking for India. Her patriotism rose in Pakistan and India’s cricket matches and frankly she had least interest about her  neighbouring country or its residents.

    Akash Kumar, an ambitious young man with several dreams living an adventurous life in a busy city Mumbai and taking one step at a time to reach all his goals. Like Sharmeen, he had never bothered to ponder over his neighbours and honestly he didn’t even care if they existed or not.

    The two young people with different life patterns had one similar passion- WRITING. To turn their words into magic, Sharmeen joined a famous writing website known as Wattpad to explore, write and read. It was an online platform which connected readers and writers from all over the world and allowed them to celebrate their love for words. Akash  googled up wattpad only to get rid of boredom because of an accident which demanded bed rest for an entire month.  People stumbling over each other’s profiles and leaving comments was a common practice at Wattpad. Therefore, the two of them didn’t consider it a big deal when their  paths crossed. Gradually, they developed an interesting bond after digging deep into each other’s daily lives, cricket players, food and it was only then that they realized that the countries had so much in common. They had shocking reactions at times when they found similarities in pollution, road traffic, education board systems, load shedding and most importantly political system of India and Pakistan. They found the interaction interesting, helped each other in writing, published innovative poetry and prose on wattpad and developed immense respect for each other.

    Life had hidden more for the two friends to explore and it all unveiled with APS attack Peshawar on 16th December 2014. It was the day when Sharmeen’s heart broke. The entire country was mourning over the brutal story of inhumanity and insanity. She felt like her soul would break into several shreds never to be joined again. She poured her heart out in her writing on wattpad in the following way:

    I don’t know what to say

    I don’t know what to write

    One thirty flowers crushed today

    What a dreadful sight!

    They were all happy and innocent

    They went to school playfully

    Now what’s left behind is just their scent

    Because they’ve been martyred brutally

    They’ve been killed without fear

    Their green sweaters and bags lie alone there

    Their moms flow countless tears

    At their blood stained clothes they helplessly stare

    Is this world a place to live?

    Am I surrounded by humans?

    What is there left to give?

    They’re a bloody monsters sons!

    Who have killed humanity

    Who have finished peace

    They’ve doomed prosperity

    Just for their own ease

    I don’t know what to say

    I don’t know what to write

    One thirty flowers crushed today

    What a dreadful sight…


    She had only conveyed her raw emotions and it was at this time when Akash popped into her inbox. She knew he was there to support her but his words were extremely heart-warming. He expressed that he had tears in his eyes when he heard about the incident and he made her believe that the entire country was equally drowning in pain. He further explained that even if their countries had clashes but kids were angels and no sane human on Earth would see a child going through hell like this. For over a month, he took care of his friend who was under depression’s attack and he brought her out of it with his continuous efforts. He shared the following message to express his feelings:

    If we do not end war, war will end us


    This small and humble poem is dedicated to all the victims of India, Pakistan and any part of this world who have lost a father, a mother, a brother, a son, a sister, a lover and a true human being. May their soul rest in peace. Ameen


    The night has come again," Mother?!!" I call your name

    The fear in me grows so strong,

    Hold my hand sing me a song,

    Tell me about the home I loved once

    The place so dear to me,

    Tell me about its ecstasy


    I try to sleep, covered in my blanket

    A shield to the  noises I hear  

    I try to remember , faintly, the images become more clear

    I once danced on the terrace above, all drenched in rain

    Where to go now, I fear

    For it rains fire tonight, stones falling from the skies

    It makes us bleed and bleed

    So I am good underneath, within my blanket I suffocate


    "Mother?!", I Call again

    No reply, just silent footsteps

    I try to hold my scream in deep breaths

    I can see a shadow, rising near my bed

    I clutch tighter, tearing my blanket soft

    "It will be fine", says a voice heavy,

    I am relieved for it's father in his khakee

    “I want to go home father, I cry

    I want to touch the skies,

    I want to feel the fresh air in my breath again

    Father take me home!!”


    Father takes me in his arms,

    He kisses my forehead, and sings me a song


    "The misty mountains, the sparkling rivers

    The skies blue, the sunshine glimmers,

    Hope is never lost, life never stops,

    So my little girl  just hold tight

    The home lost today, will be built again

    But you have to be strong, and never bear wrong!

    Just close your eyes, no tears to hide,

    Tomorrow there shall be a better sunrise"


    And I drift away to fairyland……..

    When Sharmeen read the poem, she felt tears trickling down her cheeks and she realized that humanity had no borders and friendships knew no boundaries. It all went beyond religion, countries and our belief system. She had several friends in her country but she was proud that she had managed to make a strong, unbreakable bond across the border too. They shared a message of harmony, love and unity. They were ambitious and determined to disseminate the message of ‘peace over violence’ all over the globe.


    *This story is based on real life events and characters. The names have been changed in order to maintain privacy.

    ** Both the friends are still in touch, share an unmatchable bond and are seeking opportunities to represent their nations and take some initiative for the betterment of their countries together.

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