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    My work talks about two very basic concepts; life and death. when one day, I heard the news of a blast at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park. A number of children and women were killed. It reminded me of APS killing of young children. Being an abused child throughout my childhood, these incidents trigged me, totally left me broken and changed the way I was thinking about life. I started seeing physical and mental deaths all over the globe; focusing the civil war in Syria and killing of Muslims in Burma. I wanted to express my response and emotions in a way that people could actually experience and share that feeling. So, I thought of a this medium.
    What I dream is an art of purity, originality, real emotions like depressing subjects from experiences around us. I express these feelings as catharsis. I feel more ease, more nearer more part of my art when it’s huge in size and I feel more comfortable when I can walk around it from all sides. When I am working I am not aware of what I am doing but after some period I can see what I have been about. I don’t mind changing my art because it has its own life. I paint directly on canvas or surface without making indirect bridges and shifting.

  • : Resilience Against Violence
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