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    This was one of my inspiring stories of building a character who creates hopes among the people. This was heavily inspired by the animated movies of Pakistan which had created profound heroes to look up to such as the 3 Bahadur film. For me personally there is nothing wrong with looking up to someone as it brings light to one's expectations. It is what we lack as Pakistanis and this is a way of opening new doors to a new world. This Hero was created to stop the wicked  and the extremists showing resilience against them and their violent acts to protect the weak and vulnerable. You may also note that she is physically disabled but has prosthetic legs showing that anyone is capable of fighting to the last. Instead of focusing on the negative side of extremism i wanted to counteract it and create a positive experience instead and tackling it indirectly. This character has a a motto of stopping the support of extremism and will go to extends of making it come to an end to bring peace.
  • : Resilience Against Violence
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