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    Non-identical humans work overnights and their souls dance with a Sunrise.

    The idea of this short film emerges from a poem of Rumi called the “Poem of Atoms”. The film is more of an experimental take on giving visual life to Rumi’s thoughts in Pakistani settings written centuries ago, however, keeping room for infinite imaginations.

    The story goes in a reverse order of the ultimate outcome when the transitional period occurs to mother nature which gives birth to sunrises and it leads back to the struggle of an individual in his routine life. This individual struggle is the beauty of nature and this is the actual dance of an atom. Rumi has depicted this struggle in his form as a dance. Not only Rumi but also Allama Iqbal has illustrated the individual struggle to take this nation further.

    As we know that the sun is the ultimate universal calculator of the time. The rise of sun is an action, which would cause a reaction on the earth. The reaction is a dance. The dance emits the good vibes from the dancers in form of happiness, madness and being yourself. Thats how innumerable non identical humans perform a sacred dance over day and night.

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Tahir Zaman
Tahir Zaman
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