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    Mehv-e-Ishq, means absorbed in Love. The word is used as a metaphor for the city’s essence. Lahore is considered as the city of traditions, the city of history, the city of gardens. The city is also known for its hospitality and love. The video highlights the traditions carried out in the Darbaars as a constant projection of love. The love that had been preached by the saints and is marked in the shape of shrines, making sure the lessons are preserved within the city. Having little or no connectivity with religion, yet still making a large compound part of Lahori tradition, makes shrine culture astonishing. For over a thousand years, every Thursday these Darbars become a hub of joy, expression, hope and unity. If nothing else they bring hundreds of people together under one roof, eager to express their love.

    The shrines are used symbolically as it is considered to be a place to provide food for the hungry and roof for the needy, bring hope to the hopeless and joy to the depressed, and to cure all illnesses. Therefore it best highlights the meaning of tolerance, inclusiveness, unity, peace, harmony and love. This culture depicted is exactly opposite to the projected

    reputation (negative image). Therefore, through the projection of shrine culture we would support war against terror that will give a new and positive dimension to Lahore.

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