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    Marthe hoffnung alias cohen  was born in April 13, 1940 in an   Orthodox Jewish family as one of seven children living just across the German border in France when Hitler rose to power. As the Nazi occupation escalated, Marthe’s sister was sent to Auschwitz while her family fled to the south of France. Nazi extremist cruel regime brutally tortured and murdered her sister in the most gruesome manner alongside with thosounds of other Jewish innocent kids, women, elders and sick. It was brazenly an act against humanity and basic War rules. Upon hearing the tragic, saddest news of her sister Death Hoffnung was almost broken from inside. Her half of family was perished in the Nazi concentration camp. Marthe despite these tragic events did not lose her courage. She was a medical student and a qualified Nurse but these gruesome atrocities gave her unprecedented strength and might. so she decided to quite her profession in a bid to practically work against the scourge of Nazi army and their pernicious ideology. So in the persuit of this venerated Misson she joined the ranks of the French army in 1944, it was the same year when Paris was liberated. She went to front line and delivered supplies to the troops who were battling Nazi forces. She also started treated wounded soldiers on the front line in the most Dire conditions. The regiment soon realised that this brave, courageous and bold girl Marthe can also speak fluent German so he insisted and asked Marthe to be a spy for allied forces that were battling Nazi forces. This was undoubtedly a splendid and gigantic opportunity for marthe whom she she earned after her unprecedented courage, dedication ,bravery and hard work. She zealously endorsed that peerless offer and became a spy for France. Her importance as a spy was very vital for France because she would be unnoticed as almost all German male were induced in the army. Marthe underwent vigorous, strenuous and extremely intensive training for the preparation of sneaking into Nazi territory. She posed as a German Nurse and started looking for her German fiance a soldier. She tried to sneak  into Germany from France but failed for 14 times in a row . Even this failure didn't diminish her unshakeable courage. In April 1945 she managed to crawled across a field from  Switzerland to  Germany. As luck would soon be on her side, she meet German solders and treated few injured SS soldiers. The SS officers told her that Nazi have abandoned western defense line. Marthe also learnt the whereabouts of the hideouts of fleed Nazi soldiers who were taking shelter there after the allied forces ambush and assault. This vital ground intelligence saved thosounds of lives, helped defeated Nazi and brought to an end the gruesome apoclopse. In 1999 France recognised the unbreakable courage bravery and intelligence of Marthe and awarded her France most venerated and top Military honour ,this award was also given to the Winsten Churchill a former famous England Prime Minister. In 2002 Marthe revealed her amazing, benevolent and peerless real life story through an autobiography which attracted enormous applause and attention of the multitude. It was stated that this ordinary Orthodox Jewish spy provided the key for Nazi defeat. We can learn a lesson of courage and dedication and an amazing practical reminder that it doesn't matter how horrible and powerful is the evil and terror but we must resist to it for the sake of peace, tranquility and serenity. Marthe changed her normal life and embraced a challenging life in a bid to avenge the massacre of innocent people, her family and above all to wipeout the terrorist Nazi state and to eradicate their venomous pernicious ideology. n 2002, she co-authored with Wendy Holden a book about her experiences entitled, "Behind Enemy Lines: the True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany" and was published by Harmony Books. The book was translated inFrench by Helene Prouteau and published by Plon as well as Selection du Reader's Digest and The Editions Times.Marthe was decorated with plenty of prestigious and benevolent awards which include   the Croix de Guerre in 1945 with two citations (Decisions Number 134 signed by Le Lieutenant-Colonel Bouvet on August 9, 1945 & Number 1322 signed by Marechal Juin on November 10, 1945). In 1999, the French government awarded her the Médaille militaire, Decree Number 3465 MR 1999.She was awarded the title of Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur, Decree Number 2702, MR 2004, by André Bord, the national veterans minister in 2002. In 2006, she was again honored by the Government of France with theMedaille of the Reconnaissance de la Nation.

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