• : The short film is based on the misconceptions of being granted Jannah by committing acts of violence. The spread of Islamophobia among non-Muslims should be addressed and the concept of merging Islam with terrorism must be eliminated. The purpose of this film is to present the viewers with facts and counter- arguments of the religion Islam to distinguish it from extremism. The film was made to bring awareness among people who unwillingly get enfolded towards terrorism, in eager for getting heaven. In the film a terrorism who is about to commit a suicide blast, gets entrapped in limbo where he faces his own consciousness. His exploded form interacts with him and humiliates him for committing such an act against the innocents, he tells where in Islam was such commanded.
  • Barzakh(A short film on terrorism)
  • : Peace Over Violence
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Hassan Bhatti
Hassan Bhatti
He is a media student from lahore, with a good sence of movies. If you want to watch a good movie you better watch "The network(1976), Wag the dog -1997 , silence of the lambs"