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    A man who was not afraid

    He was a Pakistani Islamic scholar and author.he also served as the professor and dean at Karachi university's Faculty of Islamic studies. Auj taught at the Karachi university for 19 years,including heading the Islamic studies department between February 1,2012 until his assassination on 18th September 2014 by Al-Qaeda.During his time Auj authored 15 books on Islamic Studies.Auj had received Tamgha E Imtiaz by the President of Pakistan for his contribution to the field of Islamic Education.Auj was noted as an Islamic reformist for his liberal interpretation of Islam


    Auj had been a moderate in the context of the Quran and established Sunnah. He sufferd a backlash from the orthodox majority in hid department and in Pakistan.By assuming power as the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic studies,he had stopped the plagiarism based papers,this being the basis of his merit.he had launched complaints against many faculty members involved in academic and moral corruption.he was reluctant to let Dr Jalal Uddin Noori rejoin as the faculty member,after his suspension on the basis of plagiarised Ph.d thesis and papers. H.E.C  declared him blacklisted as well.however, the Karachi University syndicate had to surrender to the pressures of the clergy to let him rejoin on the pressure of a particular sect. He had also restrained seminary students from enrolling in MS programs without a proper degree. Auj took charge as Director on June 28,2012 but had to retreat because of the stay order. These professional rivalries resulted in them hatching a conspiracy to declare him a infidel, which started through an S.m.s propaganda campaign and later to fatwa's circulation by the fake signature of Muhammad Rafi Usmani of Darul ' Uloom Karachi.


    Auj was killed by the Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (A Q I S) while going to an event at Iranian culture centre organised in his honour for his contribution and services towards Islam

    Allah give us power to fight against terrorism

    A man who was not afraid may his soul rest in peace(Amen)

    Dr Shakil Auj

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